Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh The Demons Come, They Can Subside

Where am i? What time is it?

Feels like life just passed me by but time did not.

Or maybe instead of drinking at lounges with open windows and ordering bottles of wine at late-night, upscale pizza joints, i should look and see where the fuck my life is.

But there is sunshine in these days, and patios are so inviting, and dress-up foolishly parties and dress-up to the nines museum launches let us run around, and dinner parties on my little patio are begging for me and my friends, as are the tickets to music festivals and to the other side of the country. And any bar or television beckons me with hockey playoffs.

But i should calm the fuck down and sort out this mess that is my completely directionless day-to-day, which has actually become my life.


  1. Enjoy unbridled foolishness while you can. Sometimes it seems I can only find the bridled variety.

  2. They can subside, but you can't make them. I know, I've been there, and I've been saved from that hopeless monotony. Look at where your life is, yes. But you can't save yourself.