Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Strange Arrangement

Someone else is leaving me for the west coast.

My editor and i polished off sake and bottles of wine last night. It was like being on drugs when we watched the blizzard in the cold yellow parking lot light fly a million directions into the night, like sparks of snow with poisonous trails whipping behind them. Inside the cozy abode, we downloaded a lot of music, broke my dollar store wine opener and had to venture out into the snow again to get a new one, smoked a pack between us, and marveled at an old Valentine he made for me now stuck on the fridge.

Now, if only he can secure accreditation for Sasquatch, we will still get to spend more summer together.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

She Left A Week To Roam

i drove out to the mountains alone.

Painkillers, Fleet Foxes Americana, sun shining on my face, windows down.

i ate lunch at the foot of the mountain as the old Canadian Pacific train passed by. i drank strong illy coffee while people bought strong cheeses and loaves of bread.

i miss being alone.