Monday, September 12, 2005

Lost In The Rain In The City

A new year begins in the cold and the rain as we all run for cover. i have no certain place to run to, but i am running nonetheless towards some refuge. Unfortunately, this is one that i have poorly and hastily imagined for myself, and it appears to be already crumbling upon my first stay in its imaginary, yet still paper thin walls - this place can cozily house me and my decrepit dreams.

There really should be little stopping me from riding the carousel progress - in fact, there should be many a thing pushing me to the front of the line of screaming kids. Those around me have moved on and grown up, or they have made amends. i feebly have lost my youth and spirit, my friends, and my dignity. So what mores have i gots to lose?

failure is always the best way to learn

retracing your steps 'til you know

have no fear your wounds will heal

- Failure, Kings of Convenience