Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Streets of Neon French Romance Blinking Sweat

Sleeplessness for months ended the March, red-eyed to Montreal on Friday morning, still sleepless like the rest of the hedonistic weekend into this new month of April.

Ed Banger Records Party over left me with bruises all over my body, my tights ripped, sweaty, dirty, drunk with wine and gin, and smoking packs of cigarettes in a most beautiful fox dress and blood red nails. Liquourbottlesmix of water passed groping hands in a grimy, sweaty, stylish, beautiful mad decent in the Banger pit, as we stormed the stage - "We Are Your Friends." Picture photographs taken by party people, my fox dress slipping and hair matted from the sweat of mine and others float about now, amongst the captured stage diving and kissing and sticky moist air. i slept in the dress beside warm bottles of Fresca and water.

i had packed Vladimir Nabakov's Laughter in the Dark and two packages of Benson and Hedges Special Lights, along with new sharp sharpies and every intention of reading, writing, and daydreaming the short escape away. Instead, sensual excesses coddled me with vegan feasts, cigarettes without disdain in bed and on long walks, sexy fucking results, boutique hats and plaid trench coats, endless coffee and earl grey tea; warm and lasting for hours, records and books, Just Noodles, and a playmate with freckles. A sword necklace now hangs around my neck, and i love licorice.

Red eyes to and from, Montreal's super sexy vibes.

a sign of mad ascension by cy

Busy P and Justice making Ed Rec by Reid

SebastiAn whispering Busy Justice by cy

dj Mehdi avant the jump via

"we are your friends..." via

"'ll never be alone again" via

fucking fox grime via