Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You've Applied The Pressure To Have Me Crystallized


And a new start.

Let's forget that we stayed when we should have left. Let's not steal each other's favourite cds when we pack apart our old life. Let's stop talking about it and let it go, let it be forgotten.
Let's smile when we see each other on the street, and think that the 3 years was a good lesson to learn.

i'll miss you. i'm going to sleep in a sleeping bag and sit on pillows when you leave, and the bookshelves are going to look awful bare without your Henry Millers and Roberto Bolanos.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Drunk Girls

i've been stuck in a long rut, spending time and effort on a lot of bullshit, and getting angry about being in my little box that i cannot see out of.

This weekend, i apprehensively took a step out of my box. i forget how terrifying that can be. But after some wine, it becomes less terrifying.

Someone stood by me all night and helped me out of the box, actually. Inadvertently, someone made me take a step out and a step back and helped me along to remember that sailing boats around hidden islands is as good as schooling, and brilliance in life is brilliance despite the bullshit we practice that convinces otherwise. i knew that he was protecting me, with LCD Soundsystem, dancing badass, whiskey and purple grazers, and from people that don't like you if you don't like Tom Wolfe.

All i could do the next day was buy him vegan dim sum.