Friday, March 05, 2010


i have been passively letting things happen and passively letting time pass. It's been three years.

Now i don't know what i am doing again. i want to be able to let things go. i don't want to miss things that no longer exist.

Invisible, hanging there in the sunlight.

still an unpacked suitcase...

Monday, March 01, 2010

Don't You Know That I'll Be Around To Guide You

After two weeks of partying, i am sick and hopped up on cold and flu pills. These little pills that bleed red when moistened layer my world with surreal haziness. When this happens, i take more of the red pills, because i don't want this detached world view to subside.


i came back recently from the Canadian west coast. i miss my best friend. i miss the cherry blossoms and the mountains. i miss the ocean and the damp coldness at night.

Reading week and the Olympics also collided with my week-long jaunt. It was madness. But i saw so many of my friends, met many new ones, drank so much beer and so many martinis, ate so much vegan food in so many vegan restaurants, listened to so many records, walked so so much, picked up my cover story for the Vancouver edition of the paper i write for, and was happy just to be marking papers while he sat across from me writing memos for his latest case.

Sometimes, i wonder if we are able to be better people if we are with the right company.