Sunday, August 21, 2005

Little Left To Be Desired

Sometimes, i get a bit confident in my goings ons, and then a hit to leave me smeared with blood, caked onto my eyelids and nose, and i am tasting it on my tongue.

So then, keep it simple and always remember that everything is transient and relations pass, including those i once thought were important. It was speeding towards me for the past five years or so, but then i think that it may not have been as obvious as it seems now.

But now i am aware, after sipping many a whiskey over the booming sounds of the hifi with the most beautiful man by my side, i think well - i certainly should have known better.

i feel very stupid.

It's time to go.

Or maybe i have been left behind.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Tennessee Swing

i am back in the sick swing of things in Calgary, and the swing is not the dance that i am used to. It has become grotesque and contorted; my hips can't move like that without me being terribly disfigured and hurt. My misshapen twisted ugly body will swing nevertheless...hey, what's a girl to do? - you've got to dance!

So dance.

Alright, i admit it; i can dance, and i can do the new swing with unflinching flair. Unfortunately, i like the old dance and vehemently decline the new one. Fuck the new one. The new one - mendacity.

Brick: Somethin' hasn't happened yet.
Big Daddy: What's that?
Brick: A click in my head.
Big Daddy: Did you say, 'click'?
Brick: Yes sir, the click in my head that makes me feel peaceful.
Big Daddy: Boy, sometimes you worry me.
Brick: It's like a switch, clickin' off in my head. Turns the hot light off and the cool one on and all of a sudden, there's peace.

Then there's peace.