Thursday, July 11, 2013

Whoa. This really happened.

And it happened despite the flood and the moving three times and living out of a large blue reusable Ikea bag. And it happened because i have the love of some good people.

Over twenty-some friends, fams, and ol' faculty showed up for support, and i felt it all the way - even during my oral defense, while you all waited for the ballot while drinking on the undergrad patio.

i am one lucky dame.

setting myself up

'dem wild and crazies, 08:45am

Thursday, May 09, 2013

On Delete

i cannot seem to finish this last results chapter. i am writing the same thing over and over again, then deleting it, then rewriting the same thing i had deleted. My whole results is the same sentence over and over again, on repeat, with words like "decrease in transconjugants" twisted slightly in the next sentence as "fewer colonies recovered." My discussion section now is looking much the same. Shit is bleak.

i have to finish this chapter by the end of this week, and then finish the introduction and conclusions by the end of next week. And then the intro is being recycled into into a book chapter straight aways, so faster, cy, faster! 

And so to continue the dwelling in my misfortunes,  i injured my ankle and calf and dammit, my whole left leg, so now i am hobbling around, limping in pain and unable to run my frustrations away like i usually can, because recovering at my age is now a month-long process.

And then i took on the job of baking 50 vegan cupcakes for a birthday bash. i will be compensated in kegs of beer. But not soon enough.

i think i am losing it, and losing my hair, and losing my vision, and losing time.