Monday, October 16, 2006

The Film Has A Story, But It’s Of Little Importance

These days are so different from the ones i used to have. i feel like there is no coherence and i just wander along, falling into one dysphoric situation and then on to the next - it's like some Lynchian feeling of awestruck confusion mixed with absurdity and ultimately, utmost fear. My old daydreams are now replaced by visions of myself violently crashing my scientific caravan into a hypothetical dusty and hostile territory. And i find myself often thinking about a robot-loving boy, and how his robots will stare blankly at me from his desk in the blue glow of the computer screen as i lie there.

There is something very unsettling lurking about. i am not sure what it is. But i have unlimited faith in a secret weapon to calm myself: a Norwegian duo strumming placid musical modulations over large headphones.