Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bones Floating In The Sound

It has been cruelly disagreeable as of late. i have not seen the light of day, the pleasing nights, my charming friends, or a good scotch in a very long time. And it continues, one painfully consequential task endlessly linked to the next, until December 13th.

And then, i will sleep in, tucked under my covers. And i will cook a wonderful meal, lit up with wine and tea and candles, listen to forgotten cds, read absolutely non-scientific literature, smoke cigarettes for pleasure instead of stress, write long letters in ink handwriting, and watch old movies in bed. And i'll paint my nails and my lips, and brush my ratty hair, and step out in skyscraper shoes to dance and lounge with my friends and friends i have yet to meet late into the morning.

Until then.

Today, a student of mine surprised me in my lab. She baked me vegan cookies.