Wednesday, March 23, 2005

cherry blossoms
by Cynthia Yip
Gosh, it's cold here. And for these past two years, i have been immuno-suppressed girl. This makes for a poor match, in my opinion.

Well, the cherry blossoms were taken two weeks ago in Vancouver, prompting the question on more than one occasion, "why do i live in Calgary?" Concert billings over there should be enough to make me wander west, as well as the supportive vegan culture. Ah yes, just in the coming months, The Kills, Low, Pedro the Lion, Bloc Party, Dizzee Rascal, Clem Snide, The Ravonettes, Feist, K-os, The Decemberists, Phoenix, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, Crooked Fingers, Weezer, Puffy Ami Yumi, The Thrills, Buck 65, Mando Diao, Gang of Four, Mercury Rev, Ivy, and Damien Jurado are all making stops in the mild bustle of Vancouver. Keep in mind, i did not mention the acts that are also to make an appearance in Calgary. i suppose if i were to live over there, i would be a perpetual poor machine.

This is a very mindless post.

To make up for the sloppy bit above, here is an intruging exerpt from, as follows,

On Sunday, Christians around the world will celebrate the resurrection of their savior, Jesus Christ, by wearing bonnets, manhandling rabbits, and popping Peeps.
Did you know that the
Just Born Candy Company -- the manufacturer of the frighteningly fluorescent chicks and bunnies -- makes misshapen marshmallow confections for other occasions? There's a summer star, and something green and Christmassy.
But before driving your blood sugar into the stratosphere, notice the mixture of "ingredients' is called
slurry. Seriously: Take the "Factory Tour." The ingredients are simply called "slurry."
Chew on that while you try to chew your chick.

Well then, Happy Christian Ressurection Holiday to you and yours.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Symphony That's You

At Richards on Richards, there were two Kings of Convenience

i would love to be able to dance gracefully with the skinniest limbs possible, as if they floated in a gangly tangled mess.

Erlend Øye did just that in the most balletic crossings of the stage that night in a striped shirt fit for a small 12 year old boy. His eyes peered behind his huge retro-television glasses as he effortlessly instructed the crowd to call Eirik Glambek Bøe a "plukke", even if Eirik felt like a very skinny one. As the mellow audience, we were asked to join the Kings by being Feist (though she was delightfully there), backup singers, the makeshift choir Erlend created, and some whistling violins. It was the best concert that my silly self has ever attended, leaving me still in some sillier state of harmonious bliss.

And i did have very good company for the unfortunate drive out, the vegan dim sum, and the wandering strolls in the warm evening and the sunny afternoon, even if i couldn't see him in our hostel bunkbeds while we talked.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

It Broke. Time To Fix It.

Wow, it was a nice day today. So, good news, i saw a man with a snake today. And i saw motorcycles popping wheelies on crowded streets. And it was super warm today. Was it super warm and sunshine-y for you too? i hope it was.

i met a friend who i hadn't seen for two or so odd years today; he is now married and planning to buy a house with his wife. To me, this is shocking, as he is younger than me by 3 months. Dear Iris is planning to go to Norway for a term, costing her more money than i have been able to save for as long as i worked my feeble waitressing job. And a boy i can now call my tentative friend is back from Sweden, Russia, and Egypt. Other friends are working with the UN, in grad school, or fast en route to becoming a doctor. i have been watching the world from the comfort of my small room, my life not extending past the boarders of the perfectly-sized windows. A wise and un-enthusiastic man once said at the Night Gallery in a thick Scottish accent: When you're secure so you feel much safer?/When days never change and it's three years later/It's like your life hasn't changed/And you're three years late/How does it feel to be three years late?/And watching your youth slip away/What seems different seems different today. That was almost three years ago.

My ass is numb from sitting here for so long.