Friday, June 11, 2010

Entering the New Beast

Image heavy,


Music and snuck-in gin and little bottles of flavoured vodka, being a wing girl, naps on hills, getting lost and spending a night in a campsite on the other side, no balance between cold and sunburn, ignoring media duties, smoking a plenty, and being with awesome people that i will never meet again.

morning hike in

the gorge in the sun

new friends share drinks and drugs, oysters and avacados

favourite stoop

the only warm place is at night, with Z-Trip

a gentleman's maintenance

limited daily breakfast

slipping through, the time has come

we're heartbroken

sneaking into the range life of Pavement

rain at midnight in the Booka Shade

gots all kinds of sweets for a soul man

Marlboro country outside the Honey Buckets

sunshine last

a Band of Horses steals our hearts

Neon Indian fucks us up

the boys and free beer and avocados

as dirty as white gravy


  1. Wow, looks like an amazing place to be!! Luck you!! xxoxoxoo

  2. so much cy suddenly. so nice.

  3. mcbickle - thank you for stopping by again. i've been in a mad state these days.